"Anti-Ahbash"- The United Voice of Ethiopian Muslims Against Heretic Groups


"Anti-Ahbash"- The United Voice of Ethiopian Muslims Against Heretic Groups
Three Months Over in Prison!

Three Months Over in Prison!

Today is the 120th day of our beloved leaders, scholars, preachers, artists, journalists and students stay in prison. They haven't committed any crime but they are/were asking their freedom of religious rights and opposing the government sponsored and forced indoctrination of the alien Al-Ahbash of Lebanon ideology and training. On October 29, the government has charged comically all our Muslims leaders as “terrorists” with full of fabricated charges ever seen in the history of the country. They are simply 'Prisoners of Conscience'. On next Thursday, our leaders may appear before the Federal Kangaroo Court to defend the charges.
Moreover, Today there is special huge event dubbed “Kaliti Visiting Program” to show the populace support for the prisoners and being our legality and publicly elected leaders in contrary to the government's accuse as “illegal groups”. Join the Kaliti visiting program and show our support behind our leaders.
We Pray for Allah to protect and save all from any evil and to be free soon.
Free Our Prisoners of Conscience!
Free, Free.... Our Leaders Soon!

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